Inspiring Women in Motorsport: Meet Megan Stephenson

Megan Stephenson’s love of motorsport in her genes. Her family have competed in a wide variety of events, and after being introduced to karting at the tender age of 5, she hasn’t looked back.

Now 12 years old and competing in Northern Karting Federation Championship in the Rotax Mini Max class, Megan is hoping to realise her dream of becoming a professional racing driver.

Megan kindly spoke to us about how she got hooked on motorsport, her hopes and her heroes.

Megan Stephenson karter
Credit: Ian Georgeson

How did you discover your passion for motorsport?

Motorsport is in my family. My Grandad used to do rallying, my Dad raced superbikes and my Mum raced Autograss and worked in the British Superbikes, so I have grown up around racing and motorsport.

How did you get into karting?

I was 5 years old and went karting in Spain for fun. I wanted to have another go so started at a local junior indoor karting championship and did that for a while. After that I was hooked and got my first cadet kart a year later and started racing outdoors.

Tell us about the series you are currently racing in.

I am currently racing in the Northern Karting Federation championship (NKF) in the Rotax Mini Max class racing with John Stewart and ST Racing.  I started in this championship in 2015 in a Honda Cadet but outgrew the kart so had to move to Mini Max half way through the year. This is my first full year racing in Mini Max.

What are your major achievements?

My biggest achievement so far was in Honda Cadets at Fulbeck circuit. I won First Novice, Fastest Lap of the day and Driver of the Day in one race weekend. Since I have moved to Mini Max, I have won the First Rookie Trophy in the PFI Winter Series Championship.

What are you most proud of?

I am proud of my overall karting rather that one particular race or achievement. I am proud to represent girls in motorsport and I always give every race 100% and never give up even when I don’t always get the best results.

Why do you love motorsport so much?

I love being part of a team and weekends in a race paddock are always fun. I love the excitement of motorsport and racing. I love driving and going fast and learning new skills all the time.

What is your ultimate dream for your motorsport career?

I have the same dream as everyone else and that is to be a professional racing driver. I am realistic though and know it isn’t easy to get there but I won’t give up and as long as I am racing and involved in motorsports I will be living the dream

Who are your heroes?

Valentino Rossi, Susie Wolff and Benjamin Gautrey. Valentino Rossi is the greatest of all time and a total legend and Susie Wolff because she has achieved a lot for women in motorsport. Benjamin Gautrey lost his life motorbike racing in 2011 but achieved so much in sports and motorsport and is a big inspiration to me.

Is there a historic (or modern!) racing car you’d really like to drive?

There are too many cars to list but I would love to drive a world RallyX supercar, in particular Ken Block’s 600bhp Ford Focus would be nice!

Are you a fan of other series? Do you have any favorite drivers or teams?

I love all motorsport from bike racing to touring cars and rallying.

I watch both bike racing and car racing.  I am a Moto GP fan and a Rossi Supporter but also watch British Superbikes as I personally know a few teams and riders so like to support them.  I like watching RallyX as well and Ken Block is one of my favorite drivers.

If you could interview any motorsport figure(s), who would it be and why?

Without a doubt it would be Valentino Rossi. I know he races bikes and I race karts however he started racing as a child and has never given up on his dreams, even when he has not had good seasons or got the best results. He has achieved so much in motorsport and it would be great to meet him and hear his stories.

Where can people see you competing this year?

The next NKF championship race is at Fulbeck and then after that we go to Larkhall, GYG In wales, Hooton Park, Wombwell and 3 Sisters.

You can follow Megan on Twitter here.


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