London ePrix preview: Simona de Silvestro

Simona De Silvestro (SUI), Andretti ATEC-01 Donington Park Racecourse, Derby, England. Tuesday 18 August 2015 Photo: Adam Warner / LAT / FE

De Silvestro discusses her return to the track where she made her Formula E debut, and the challenges of the Battersea Park circuit.

‘It’s great to be here, it’s been a little bit of a long break. I’m happy to be back in Battersea, it’s track that I know. It’s fun to come back to something you know.’

It’s been nearly six weeks since Formula E took to the streets of Berlin, and it wasn’t just fans who were getting impatient for it to return.

‘I don’t like it when the breaks are too long, because when you’re in a rhythm it’s a really positive feeling. As soon as you step out of the car, you’re training but you’re not driving. It’s always a little bit of an adjustment in the beginning. Some people had the advantage of racing in Le Mans and sitting in a car.’

Looking ahead to this weekend, De Silvestro has clear goals for herself and her team.

‘Top ten is the goal this weekend. In the last few races we were always racing in the top ten. I think that’s totally possible to do here.’

Battersea Park is unique in that it is a ‘park’ circuit, in contrast to the traditional Formula E street circuit. It offers up different challenges for the drivers, not least by the increased number of laps that have been introduced.

‘The race is long, it’s four laps longer than last year and we’re running the same powertrain as last year. It was already tough to get the mileage – four laps more is even a bigger challenger. I think that’s going to be the hardest part for us in the race –  really getting that energy and being quick at the same time.’

De Silvestro’s teammate Robin Frijns was announced as continuing with the team for next season, casting some doubts on De Silvestro’s future with the team.

The first round of the London ePrix kicks off tomorrow at 4pm.

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