London ePrix: Daniel Abt ‘I had to keep Buemi behind’

2015 Formula E Buenos Aires e-Prix, Argentina Saturday 6 February 2016. Daniel Abt (GER), ABT Audi Sport FE01 Photo: Sam Bloxham/FIA Formula E/LAT 

Daniel Abt’s incident with Robin Frijns ended both their races and brought out the safety car.

“Basically I think [Frijns] was really struggling, he was quite slow. He lifted and I just kept my foot in. I was side by side with him and from my point of view he turned slightly over me and our front wheels banged. My front wing broke and I went straight into the wall and hit him too. I heard the decision of the stewards was that it was a racing incident. I don’t won’t to blame Robin as it was hard to tell [who was at fault] and I was next to him, but it shouldn’t have happened.”

Earlier in the race Abt found teammate Lucas Di Grassi, who is battling for the Championship, right up behind him and let him pass. He did not afford Di Grassi’s rival Sebastien Buemi the same courtesy.

“It was my task [to keep Buemi behind]. I tried to make it as fair as possible, and I think I did that, even though he was pretty unhappy I guess, as he gave he a thumbs up when he saw me crash. I didn’t do anything wrong, just tried to help my teammate.”

“I felt like my pace was strong, I was in the unfortunate position with Lucas behind me and there was a clear decision that I had to let his pass, so I did that and afterwards I had to keep Buemi behind. It was very difficult, I outbraked myself defending Sebastien.

“It was really hard for me out there and my race was ruined by [letting Di Grassi through] but in the end it was always agreed like this. It was decided before the race that if that scenario came up [he would move aside]. It’s a normal thing to do for your teammate.”

“I think today’s starting positions were not where we are. We showed great pace – I was P2 in FP2, my qualy was good considering the circumstances, but it makes your life so tough as you cannot overtake around this circuit. Hopefully tomorrow is more normal for everyone.”

Abt was also asked about the season three calendar, and was impressed by the new locations though sad to see Long Beach go. When asked where he would like to have an ePrix he said, “Munich, because that would really be my home race. Ibiza maybe! But then I would not concentrate.”

The final London ePrix at Battersea Park is tomorrow at 4pm.

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