London ePrix: Antonio Felix da Costa “miscommunication with the team cost us podium”

The Portuguese driver rues last lap confusion and delivers critical summary of his season.

Friday Morning in the Pit Lane. Antonio Felix Da Costa (POR), Team Aguri – Spark SRT_01E. London, United Kingdom Friday 1 July 2016 Photo: Adam Warner / LAT / FE 

Antonio Felix da Costa was doing what he always does: storming up the grid, picking off those in front of him one by one.

However the race today was long. Yes, it was the same amount of laps as yesterday, but despite the safety cars some drivers energy levels were critical.

Felix da Costa was one of three drivers to be handed a post-race penalty for exceeding their allowed energy for the race before they crossed the finish line.

“It was very good up until last 200 metres when we ran out of energy. It was just a miscommunication between the team, there was absolutely no need to do that. I cannot express how this feels really because it’s another podium we’ve thrown away – maybe the third or fourth one this year. Maybe close to 100 points we’ve thrown away. I’m very disappointed.”

“The team told me to push in the last lap and that I didn’t need to worry about energy, and that was clearly not the case.”

This marked the end of Team Aguri, who have been taken over by new investors and will race as Techeetah next season.

“What happened today is the perfect summary of our season. Very quick in the races, not enough conclusion or we’ve never brought it home,” da Costa said.

There are a few guys in that team that I can really be proud of,  a few others who unfortunately who don’t do the job properly.”

Looking ahead, da Costa gave a veiled answer as to where he will be competing next season, but it does sound as though he may be venturing to pastures new.

“I want to surround myself with people that can provide me with the right car and hopefully can bring home what we can do with what we have. That’s all I ask,” he continued.

Antonio Felix da Costa finished 13th in the Drivers’ Championship.

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