Hong Kong ePrix: Frijns is ‘buying the beers’ after mammoth effort by team

Robin Frijns at the Hong Kong ePrix. Photo courtesy of Formula E

Robin Frijns has praised his team for their Herculean effort after a mistake in qualifying saw him hit the barriers and cause severe damage to his car.

However his team worked through their lunch break to rebuild his car in two hours, and he repaid their hard work in kind with a clever strategy that left him able to blitz through the pack in his second car.

“I feel great,” the Dutchman said after the race.  “I felt really disappointed, especially for team after qualifying with my big shunt. We already had a problem at the beginning of the lap – we had a sensor failure that made us slow. The shunt was my mistake.”

“The team did it up again in two hours, which was really impressive because I thought my day was over. I started dead last and coasted a lot in the first car, especially in the beginning of the race, because I thought I would just let everyone go and just do my thing.”

By saving more energy than the rest of the field, Frijns was able to run deeper into the race than his rivals.

“I went one longer than anyone else [in the first stint], boxed and then I was able to push for the entire stint and jumped back to P6.”

The Dutchman could have easily been involved in the first lap carnage, however he was already setting about creating a gap to the cars in front and managed to miss the concertina.

“I saw some yellow flags but I was almost standing still anyway. The lights went off and everyone went and I was already coasting. I already had a gap of about 50 metres to the cars in front of me.”

“It’s truly positive today. Eight or nine guys were working on my car for two hours straight. They didn’t have a lot of lunch so I’m paying for the beers I think!”

Formula E returns on 12th November for the Marrakesh ePrix

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