Robin Frijns: ‘It’s a shame we didn’t score any points’ at Marrakesh ePrix

After an impressive qualifying saw him start ninth on the grid, his race strategy didn’t work out and he languished outside the points in 11th

Robin Frijns Credit: FIA Formula E

“The start of the race was OK,” said Frijns.

“On the first lap, I out-braked myself and António overtook me. I came to a point when I was a bit quicker than Heidfeld and he seemed to be struggling. I went for a gap and he defended, I braked and locked the two fronts in the corner causing me to spin. It was unlucky and unfortunate, but it was one of those times when you try something and, if it works you’re a hero, and if it doesn’t you’re on the outside.”

Robin Frijns was running well in the first stint of the race and ran a lap longer than the rest of the field, but their energy management soon matched that of the Dutchman and he was unable to make his way through the field.

“I thought with the second car we could make some steps in moving forward as we were the latest to come in for the car change, but I didn’t really see any cars struggling at the end.”

“It’s more competitive and everybody has the same way of driving now so it’s getting tougher to overtake. It’s a bit of a shame we didn’t score any points today, at maximum we could have been P8. Hopefully the next race will be a better one.”

The Buenos Aires ePrix takes place on 18th February

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